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Getting in trouble with the law on gun charges sounds like something reserved for the toughest areas in the world. However, it just so happens to be a recurring issue in the glitz and glam-filled world of Hollywood.

Rapper A$AP Rocky recently proved that to be true once again after officially being charged yesterday (August 15) in the alleged shooting of his former A$AP Mob affiliate and high school best friend, A$AP Relli, back in November 2021.


According to NBC News, the 33-year-old Harlem native, born Rakim Mayers, is accused of firing a handgun twice in the direction of Relli after the two had a “heated discussion” in Hollywood. Relli, whose real name is Terell Ephron, officially came forward to name himself as the accuser after months of speculation on who made the police report in the first place. Rocky was even arrested for the crime back in April at Los Angeles International Airport while returning from vacation with the mother of his first child, pop superstar Rihanna. Soon after, he was released after posting a $550,000 bond.

Here’s what A$AP Relli revealed to Rolling Stone last week when he finally came forward to reveal himself as a victim in the lawsuit:

“‘Unbeknownst to Mr. Ephron, ASAP Rocky was not just planning for a conversation and came armed with a semi-automatic handgun,’ the statement alleges. ‘After arriving at the location, a conversation ensued whereby without provocation, warning, or any justification, A$AP Rocky produced the handgun and intentionally fired multiple shots at Mr. Ephron.’

Ephron, who works as a talent manager and producer alongside fashion and jewelry ventures, claims Mayers inflicted minor injuries to his left hand after shooting Ephron and, according to the statement, the entire incident was captured by nearby surveillance cameras.”


Rocky’s arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday according to the DA’s office, so we’ll pray justice is served however things are supposed to unfold. In the meantime, take a look below to see how the Testing emcee isn’t alone in his rather dumfounded pistol pursuits.

Learn a lesson of what not to do by looking at these 10 celebrities that stupidly put themselves in positions to get hit with gun charges:



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1. Petey Pablo

Petey Pablo Source:TV One

It’s one thing to steal a gun in a home burglary, but to then get caught with it five years later while tying to go through an airport no less was just senseless.

2. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Source:Getty

Learn from Uncle Snoop’s 2006 gun charge arrest: leaving guns in the crib and car is never a winning combination!

3. The Game

The Game Source:Getty

To think his 2007 arrest on gun charges stemmed from an argument over a pick-up game of basketball is wild. Chill out, sore loser!

4. Shyne

Shyne Source:Getty

There was a lot that came out of Shyne’s now-infamous 1999 club shooting involving Diddy and then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. However, we’ll just leave you with this sound advice: never bring drama into the New Year, especially any that involves guns. It could lead to a decade behind bars.

5. Fabolous

Fabolous Source:Getty

Not only did Fab get caught driving with guns once in 2003, but he did the same thing almost identically again three years later! Good thing he “luckily” had someone to claim the gun in both situations. 

6. Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana Source:Getty

The Dipset member’s almost unbelievable 2018 arrest after accidentally bringing a gun to a NJ airport, then fleeing said airport, is a strong reminder to always make sure to be in your bag — literally!

7. Matthew Hoover aka CRS Firearms

Getting indicted for promoting the sale of unregistered conversion equipment, which legally equates to distributing machine guns, is something that only a simpleton would do. Promoting it on YouTube to over 100,000 subscribers, well, that’s just plain dumb.

8. Jayda Cheaves

Jayda Cheaves Source:Getty

The life of an influencer like Jayda Wayda can be “stressful” to say the least. However, the pressure of maintaining millions of followers and big-dollar brand deals up the wazoo shouldn’t be a reason to forget that you’re traveling with guns that are unregistered outside the States. Good thing she was able to video blog about it!

9. Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame Source:Getty

While most emcees get credited for rapping about what they live, Waka’s past penchant for firearm freestyles caught up with him in the worst way when he got caught trying to bring a gun to the airport back in 2014. Oh, let’s not do it!

10. Al Pacino

Al Pacino Source:Getty

Although a certified Hollywood legend now, back in 1961 actor Al Pacino did the most idiotic thing by circling a block multiple times, in a black mask and gloves at that, before cops pulled him and his associates over only to find a loaded .38 caliber pistol. He would spend three days in jail, but hey — chuck it up to your 20s, we guess!