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What was once thought to be an amicable takeover of a popular talk show time slot is now looking like a full-out war between two queens of the daytime television world.

Following months of uncertainty regarding the fate of Wendy Williams’ popular talk show, stemming from a highly-publicized battle with her personal health, seasoned daytime vet Sherri Shepherd stepped up and became the favored guest host during Season 14 of The Wendy Williams Show. She received so much love in fact that execs decided to replace Wendy with Sherri starting this fall.

Unfortunately for The View’s former co-host, it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting a blessing from her predecessor anytime soon.


Appearing on the popular Instagram Live talk show by rapper Fat Joe, another frequent guest host of The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy made it clear that she won’t be tuning in to watch Sherri, stating, “I won’t be watching her because I know what she’s going to be doing, and it’s really not my thing.” Of course there’s the fact that she’s planning on making a full return to her own show, so the slight shade could be more or less towards feeling the heat of competition.

Sherri got word of Wendy’s comments, and reacted in her own IG Live by stating that she didn’t take it personally but wanted people to pray for Williams, stating, “Everybody should be praying for Wendy right now.” She elaborating further by adding, “I’m really, truly concerned about her, because I don’t feel like there’s anybody over there protecting her. It’s really hard when there’s no protection around you and you just have people hanging on.”

Later in the IG Live, Sherri made it clear that she’s not putting “the label of being bitter” on Wendy due to a strong belief that she’s “not well.”



While there’s definitely a bit of shade coming from both sides —Wendy started it, but Sherri may have hit below the belt with that self diagnosis — we won’t truly know who comes out on top until both their shows premiere during the upcoming talk show season.

Of course, social media had a lot to say on the possibility of a beef brewing between Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd. Take a look below at some of the standout comments we spotted on Twitter:



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1. sherri needs to stay quiet. this is between wendy and the network.

via @ACadouglas

2. @WendyWilliams pls don’t bring back ungrateful ass Sherri shepherd back to guest host! Her saying Wendy is “not well” is rude af. #WendyWilliams

via @grotsky_byotch

3. Wendy will be Wendy. Sherri shouldn’t have responded

via @ddroyalty

4. Wendy said she not watching Sherri show and I mean…same…

via @LeeBruh_Greene

5. Wendy Williams didn’t have to shit on Sherri like that. I really don’t like that woman.

via @BEAUX_Tillery

6. I like Sherri on the show! Wendy can stay at the house! #sherrishepard #WendyWilliams

via @ericajonez

7. no shade I miss Wendy Williams messy ass Sherri could never

via @Tarletondelvon1

8. If Wendy planning on coming back to her show and Sherri show supposed to be at a competing time, why would she be watching Sherri?!?!

via @chico_extrano_1

9. Not that Sherri lied about getting Wendy’s blessing to take over HER show and gets mad that Wendy isn’t supportive. Girl nobody is interested in watching you #Wendyshow #WendyWilliams #Sherisheppard

via @isedwhatisedd

10. I think Sherri Shepards comments about Wendy Williams were unnecessary

via @mrLdavis

11. I wish Sherri would have watched the interview because Wendy didn’t say anything wrong or negative about Sherri

via @team_tray

12. Not Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd beefing…

via @DiaryOfKeysus

13. Sherri needs to chill because Wendy didn’t even say anything shady about her. Calling her “unwell” when you aren’t even her doctor, let alone her friend, is uncalled for. And let’s not pretend that she isn’t getting a show with Wendy’s entire staff and production crew.

via @AyeEmCee

14. Sherri Shepherd calling Wendy unwell feels wrong to me.

via @Peaceful_Rule

15. who the fuck wants to watch a sherri shepherd talk show??? bring wendy williams back asap!!

via @hyperrnostalgia