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Since Shannon Sharpe‘s departure earlier this year, Skip Bayless’ Undisputed has struggled to redefine its identity. 

At first, there was a reported issue of locking down a new host, but with rotating guests, Bayless has still been engaged in some spirited debates– most recently with retired NFL cornerback Richard Sherman.

The two were going back and forth about FSU quarterback Jordan Travis’ hip-drop tackle, which controversially may get banned for the injuries it causes.

Bayless was comparing the situation to New York Giants linebacker Isaiah Simmons’ hip-drop tackling Seahawks’ Geno Smith earlier this season when Sherman interrupted him.

A visibly annoyed Bayless cuts back in to finish his statement.

“No, let me finish, Richard. I’m not done speaking. I’m speaking. I’m speaking,” Bayless says.

Sherman says he’ll let Bayless finish his point but wanted to offer up a different perspective because he actually played in the league.

“I’ll let you speak, but you’re not speaking from experience, so stop raising your voice. Watch how you talk to me, Skip,” the Super Bowl champion warns. “You’re speaking on something you have no experience doing, so what point can you really make?”

The two then commence to briefly arguing about their resumes.

“I’ve covered the game for a lot longer than you’ve been alive,” Bayless retorts.

“You covered the game, but I’ve actually played the game longer than you ever played,” Sherman responds. “What we’re talking about is something that actually happens in the game. You can’t experience it unless you play it.”

Bayless gets snarky and ponders if Sherman’s theory is true, if Atlanta Hawks CEO Rich McKay, who never played in the NFL, knows anything about football.

The exchange seems to end there as Bayless throws it to Keyshawn Johnson.

Disrespecting the player experience is not a new angle for Bayless, and it played a role in Sharpe’s decision to leave the program at the end of the last season.

See how social media is hilariously reacting to the heated exchange below.

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