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President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Omaha

Source: Steve Pope / Getty

If there was ever a real-life example of what it means to have a country ruled by the likes of President Donald Trump, one would have to look no further than Omaha, Neb. After a well-attended rally in a state that he has in the bag, Trump vacated the premises, leaving the supporters who came to cheer him on stranded in the cold, literally.

According to Omaha ABC affiliate KETV, President Trump arrived to Eppley Airfield around 8 p.m. local time, and while official numbers were not released, it appears that thousands came to hear the president’s speech.

“Is there any place you would rather be than a Trump rally on about a 10 degree evening? Trump said before the vocally-supportive throng of onlookers.

After concluding his speech, thousands were reportedly stuck in traffic and many had no means to get back to their vehicles which rested on the opposite side of the airport. CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny tweeted that he overheard an officer hoping to curtail the crowd mention that there weren’t enough buses to carry the people to the other side.

“President Trump took off in Air Force One 1 hr 20 minutes ago, but thousands of his supporters remain stranded on a dark road outside the rally. “We need at least 30 more buses,” an Omaha police officer just said, shaking his head at the chaotic cluster that is unfolding,” Zeleny tweeted.

Fox News correspondent Jeff Paul made his own observations of the scene via Twitter as well.

“Thousands of people left out in the cold and stranded in #Omaha, #Nebraska after a #Trump rally. I’m told the shuttles aren’t operating & there aren’t enough busses. Police didn’t seem to know what to do. Some walked. I saw at least one woman getting medical attention,” Paul tweeted.

Windy and chilly conditions at the airfield reportedly pushed medical personnel into action as observed by Twitter account, Omaha Scanner.

“One officer advising 8 to 9 elderly people who are struggling. Seperate [SP] officer advising they have located an elderly party who is frozen cold unable to move with an altered mental status,” the account tweeted.

As expected, reaction to President Trump leaving the rally and his hundreds, if not thousands, of supporters without a proper plan has been robust this morning. Some observers have even said that Trump abandoned the attendees while others naturally tried to play down the seriousness of the moment.

We’ve got those Twitter reactions listed out below.

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