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North West turns 5 years old today, and she’s already served better looks than all of your faves.

Take a look at some of the times Northie took a page out of her family’s look book and stunted on the rest of us.

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1. This is the most Kardashian #Ad we’ve ever seen.

2. Definitely her mama’s child.

3. She’s got it honest.

4. Lil Kim-Ye

5. Oh, ya know – just getting a fitting for my next shoot

6. This looks like an ad for kiddie waist trainers. #NoTummyTea

7. Mood, foreva!

8. “Selfie with my new baby girl.”

9. *Waves buh-bye to fans*

10. Disney Land vibes with the fam.

11. A lewk!

12. Maybe she’ll model like auntie Kenny.

13. Or take pics for a living like mommy.

14. She may even be into makeup like Auntie Kylie.

15. No matter what she decides, Northie has a bright future ahead of her.

16. And we’re just along for the ride.

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