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If there’s one thing the world loves, it’s the kids of celebrities. Think back to when Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announced that they were expecting their first child. The internet was set ablaze. What about when Pusha T revealed that Drake had a son? Nothing was the same. We’ve even seen Keke Palmer make the world fall in love with her new seed in the past couple months. No matter who the parent is or how famous they are, it seems like their children always inherit the same if not more attention their parents receive. Who’s the most famous celebrity kid though?

The experts at Q for Quinn conducted a new study that covers the top 25 most searched celebrity kids on Google to determine the most popular ones. The study encompassed search data from January to May 2023. The study also checked out how often people searched these kids’ names on Google, their reported net worth, and the number of times they were tagged in Instagram hashtags. This list ranks the popularity of celebrity kids, from those infamous American families like the Kardashians all the way to the children of the British royal family.

As of May 2023, the most searched celebrity kid on Google globally is Nico Parker, whose appearance in “The Last of Us” series led to a large spike in the number of people searching for the actress, 673,000, to be concise. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt lands at number 2 on the list with 368,000 Google searches with an estimated net worth of $1-5 million. She also has 53.1K Instagram hashtags, which is quite impressive for a celebrity kid.

The Kardashian-West kids are maintaining their position, too. North West stands at number three on the list with a search volume of 301,000, whereas her half-sister Chicago West falls behind with a lower search volume of 110,000. Despite North’s relatively lower search volume on Google compared to Nico and Shiloh, her dominance on Instagram cannot be overlooked. With an impressive 3.5 million hashtags dedicated to her on the platform, North also made the first spot as the most hashtagged kid on Instagram.

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Tying for the third spot is Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri Cruise, who also has a search volume of 301,000. However, Suri’s Instagram hashtag count is lower, and her estimated net worth is around $500K. Blue Ivy comes to the fourth position on the list, with a total of 165,000 searches. Her online presence is further amplified by an astonishing764K Instagram hashtags.

Chicago West has secured the fifth position on the global list of the most Googled celebrity kids with an impressive 110,000 searches. The hashtag #chicagowest has also created a buzz with over 282K mentions on Instagram, further amplifying her already substantial influence. Notably, at her, quite young age, Chicago West’s net worth is already estimated at a staggering $230 million. Tied at the sixth spot on the list are Stormi Webster, Saint, and Psalm Wests. The trio has generated significant search volume on Google,each getting 90,500 searches. These young stars are no strangers to the world of wealth and success, with their net worth ranging from a remarkable $10 million to an astounding $410 million. Among the three, Stormi Webster garners 835K mentions on Instagram.

Occupying the seventh and eighth positions are Kourtney Kardashian’s kids, Penelope and Reign Disick. Penelope garnered 40,500 searches, while Reign received merely 14,800. British Royal Trio Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis land at number 9 on the highly-searched kids’ list, with combined Google search volume amounting to a mere 76,100. While their Google search volumes may not be the highest, their significant net worth and Instagram presence speak volumes. Princess Charlotte stands out with an astonishing net worth of $5 billion, making her the wealthiest among all the most searched celebrity kids. Prince George follows closely with a net worth of $3 billion.

Archie Harrison and Princess Lilibet also captivate public interest, securing the 10th position on the list. While their search volumes may be comparatively lower than those of Prince William’s kids, Archie Harrison still garners 4,400 searches, and Princess Lilibet captures the attention of around 6,600 individuals.

Check out the full top ten list of the most searched celebrity kids and their stats below!


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1. Nico Parker


Search Volume: 673,000

IG Hashtags: #nicoparker – 5000

Net Worth $50,000

2. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Source:Getty

Search Volume: 368,000 

IG Hashtags: #shilohjoliepitt – 53,100 

Net Worth: $1-5 Million 

3. North West

North West Source:Getty

Search Volume: 301,000

IG Hashtags: #northwest – 3.5 Million

Net Worth: $375 Million

4. Suri Cruise


Search Volume: 301,000

IG Hashtags: #suricruise – 22,600

Net Worth: $500,000

5. Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Source:Getty

Search Volume: 165, 000

IG Hashtags: #blueivy – 764,000

Net Worth: $80 Million 

6. Chicago West

Chicago West Source:Getty

Search Volume: 110,000

IG Hashtags: #chicagowest – 282,000

Net Worth: $230 Million 

7. Stormi Webster

Stormi Webster Source:Getty

Search Volume: 90,500

IG Hashtags: #stormiwebster – 835,000

Net Worth: $410 Million 

8. Saint West

Saint West Source:Getty

Search Volume: 90,500

IG Hashtags: #saintwest – 339,000

Net Worth: $5 Million 

9. Psalm West

Psalm West Source:Getty

Search Volume: 90,500

IG Hashtags: #psalmwest – 75,200

Net Worth: $5 Million 

10. Penelope Disick

Penelope Disick Source:Getty

Search Volume: 40,500

IG Hashtags: #penelopedisick – 228,000 

Net Worth: $5 Million 

11. Reign Disick

Reign Disick Source:Getty

Search Volume: 14,800

IG Hashtags: #reigndisick – 163,000

Net Worth: $10 Million 

12. Prince George

Prince George Source:Getty

Search Volume: 33,100

IG Hashtags: #princegeorge – 752,000

Net Worth: $3 Billion

13. Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte Source:Getty

Search Volume: 33,100

IG Hashtags: #princesscharlotte – 500,000

Net Worth: $ 5 Billion

14. Prince Louis

Prince Louis Source:Getty

Search Volume: 9,900

IG Hashtags: #princelouis – 379,000

Net Worth: $70 – $125 Million 

15. Prince Archie


Search Volume: 2,900

IG Hashtags: #archieharrison – 102,000

Net Worth: $10 Million 

16. Princess Lilibet


Search Volume: 14,800

IG Hashtags: #princesslilibet – 1000

Net Worth: $10 Million