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#LeaveMaliaAlone: The Internet Comes To The First Daughter’s Defense  was originally published on

1. Leave Malia Alone

Leave Malia Alone

This smiling beauty is first daughter Malia Obama, who graduated high school earlier this year and was accepted to Harvard. She’s an excellent student, a talented creative and a kid who has completely stayed out of trouble in the 8 years that her father has been the president. But in the last few weeks, photos of her being a REGULAR teenager at Lollapalooza surfaced and the internet lost its collective mind.

2. Leave Malia Alone

Leave Malia Alone

But not to fear, we know (and we’re sure her parents do too) that she is a good kid and should be left alone. Because she’s just a kid and it’s hard enough to be a carefree Black girl in this world without the added pressure of millions judging her life. And we’re not alone. Check out the best tweets defending our girl. #LeaveMaliaAlone

3. One fan truly sympathized with the first daughter.

4. Twitter did not come to play.

5. Sen. John McCain’s daughter even defended the teen.

6. The universe works in mysterious ways.

7. Fellow stoners wanted to know.

8. Many Malia supporters questioned some media outlets for sharing the story.

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