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Megan thee Stallion’s assault has become such a hot topic, it’s likely reached indigenous tribes. Everyone has formed an opinion on the situation, despite the minimal details available. Although the don’t have all the facts, there are two things we know for certain; Megan was shot in her feet and Tory Lanez did it.

Although Megan kept quite after the incident occurred, she later spoke up to defend herself against rumors that said she lied about most of the details from that night. This was a time for her to process the trauma of being shot by a friend, instead she was subjected to defending herself on social media. People essentially re-victimized the victim.

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Everyone processes trauma differently. While Megan detailed her reasons for not reporting the crime, a crime was still committed. Megan is still very young and learning how to navigate the world without her mother. Because her mother passed in the beginning of her career’s commercial success, she didn’t have the luxury of slowing down work and processing the loss. Right now, Megan is slowing down to the best of her ability. On the heels of her successful song WAP, she’s been seen out with friends, celebrating her wins. The road to processing traumatic experiences is a long one and it looks like she is embracing the journey. Instead of debating on when she should’ve told the cops or why she took so long to speak up, we should be sending her well wishes.

Luckily enough, Megan has a few good friends in the industry. Rihanna and Beyonce showed their support by sending over thoughtful gifts, and a few celebrities decided to cut Tory’s verses out of their songs. A bunch of celebrities took to social media to show their support for Megan. Halle Berry called for the protection of Black women while T.I. pushed for Tory to make a statement and speak up.

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Megan thee Stallion needs all the support she can get right now. I’m sure her phone was full of messages from friends sending her blessings, but these celebrities brought the well wishes to social media. Here are 10 people who showed their support virtually.

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4. T.I.

5. BUN B





10. J.R. SMITH