For 17 years, Heidi Klum has absolutely bodied the Halloween competition with her amazing costumes. The supermodel’s attention to detail and super creativity have definitely placed her at the top of many “Best Halloween Costume” lists.

Here are 10 reasons Heidi Klum is Halloween’s G.O.AT.—yeah, we said it.

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1. Six is Better Than One

Six is Better Than One

For her 17th Annual Halloween Party, Heidi Klum (third from the left), rolled through her shindig with five clones.

2. Getting into Character

Getting into Character

The model sexed things up as Jessica Rabbit, the world’s most infamous cartoon vixen, for her 16th Annual Halloween Party.

3. Fly Girl

Fly Girl

The ‘Project Runway’ producer went all out for her 15th Annual Halloween Party, which happened to be held at NYC hotspot, TAO. She stepped out as as beautifully ornate butterfly.

4. Old-School Swag

Old-School Swag

The successful entrepreneur proved she was in the business of delivering major shock factor at her 14th Annual Halloween Party. She came dressed as a much more, ahem, mature version of herself.

5. Golden Girl

Golden Girl

The former Victoria’s Secret model reminded folks she was hot stuff—even all covered up—when she rocked Egyptian royalty garb during her 13th Annual Halloween Party.

6. Monkeying Around

Monkeying Around

The mother of four took her epic event to the PH-D Rooftop Lounge at Dream in NYC for her 12th Annual Halloween Party. Her costume? Caesar from the hit franchise ‘Planet of the Apes.’

7. For The Birds

For The Birds

Heidi and then hubby, Seal, chopped it up as black crows for her 10th Annual Halloween Party.

8. Don’t Look

Don’t Look

No one wanted to gaze into Heidi’s eyes when she hit the scene dressed as Medusa (remember, she can turn folks in to stone) for her 9th Annual Halloween Party at 1 OAK in NYC.

9. Going Green

Going Green

Keeping things creative, Heidi donned a costume that combined a serpent, apple and Eve for her 7th Annual Halloween Party.

10. Bodying the Competition

Bodying the Competition

The costume queen turned things inside out at the Halloween Party she hosted back in 2011 at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas. The super model came dressed as the inside of the human body.