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Eddie Murphy is back in the conversation after the release of his newest film, Coming 2 America alongside Arsenio Hall and a star-studded cast.  When a fan tweeted that Kevin Hart has a better filmography than his comedic peer, Twitter fans began to add their perspectives.

“Eddie Murphy got a better filmography than Kevin hart???? Don’t make me laugh,” tweeted @TMACCBLUE on Friday (March 5). Immediately, folks began to list out just how significant Murphy’s contributions to the big screen are, while also trying to make sense of why anyone would compare the two.

Murphy, who turns 60 this April, has appeared in 40 feature films spanning decades after making his Hollywood debut in 1982 with 48 Hrs. The decade also spawned 1988’s Coming To America, which remains one of Murphy’s early classics and still lives on as a favorite of even the most casual fan of the former Saturday Night Live star’s work.

Among other hits such as 1992’s Boomerang and 1996’s The Nutty Professor, Murphy also voiced Mushu in the 1998 animation hit, Mulan. The 2000s also featured a lot of Murphy’s character Donkey in the hit Shrek franchise.

Hart, who turns 42 in July, began his film career in 2002, and will he doesn’t have the number of genre-defining hits as Murphy, Hart still has appeared in several big-ticket features and is part of the Jumanji franchise. He also continues to produce stand-up comedy specials and has a massive social media presence along with a host of ventures and upcoming projects.

In all fairness, these two men have had different careers and are from totally separate eras. Still, comparisons happened in Murphy’s time so Hart being in the conversation makes sense for the younger set.

Across Twitter, the debate is raging and we’ve got those reactions below.

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