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The eighth episode of Power season 5 proved no one was safe as Tasha, Angela, and Ghost tried to figure out how to keep Tariq from going to jail for the murder of Ray Ray. Ghost and Tommy thought it was best to frame Dre, but Tasha and Angela had a plan to frame Kanan instead.

Surprisingly, a reluctant Tariq helped get the job done by planting the murder weapon in Kanan’s car. Kanan opened fire on police in a last ditch effort to get away when pulled over by the cops and lied on about kidnapping Tariq, but he ended up getting shot dead in the process—and this time he’s dead for real.

Best Memes From the ‘Power’ Episode Kanan Died  was originally published on 92q.com

1. ‘Power’ Season 5 Premiere

‘Power’ Season 5 Premiere



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