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Azealia Banks has entered the chat. The enigmatic rapper with a superior talent of reading her foes, real and imagined, for filth has chimed in on the current and ongoing war of tweets between Latto and Nicki Minaj.

You can catch up on why Nicki and Latto are airing each other out social media right here.

As soon as the bickering went full title, you knew it was only a matter of time before Banks added her couple of cents, and then some.

Banks took to her Instagram stories to share her acerbic take, which includes alluding that Nicki Minaj has a drug problem, needs to worry about her baby son more and is only fattening up the pockets of men in the music industry.

“When is she going to realize that everytime she fight [sic] with a female rapper she boosts their profiles, and enriches the pockets of the men invested in them?” read one of Banks’ darts.

She added, “All you have for papa bear is a bag of frozen wingettes and a can crisco.”


You just know the Barbz have adjusted their targeting systems accordingly. Regardless, Banks has picked up plenty of supporters, and they’re also reacting. Peep some of the best commentary in the gallery.

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