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As many of us have found out the hard way, not every employment situation will end on a good note.

Celebrated comedic actress and on-air personality Amanda Seales had that misfortune when she didn’t renew her contract as a co-host on The Real back in June 2020. Since then, the Smart Funny & Black star has gone on record on a handful of occasions to explain how disagreements on her freedom of speech on-air when addressing topics led to the exit.

Now, she’s calling out the once-popular daytime show for leaving her out of the upcoming final episode following The Real‘s cancellation earlier this year.



“Rude,” Seales wrote blatantly as a caption for her video response to The Real (seen above) for overlooking her in a recently released finale promo. “So apparently ‘The Real,’ in their finale episode, did promo,” she said in the video clapback posted this past Saturday. She further adds, “I am not featured in this thumbnail and I am not featured in the farewell episode, apparently. I’ll have some things to say about that.” The menacing laugh that followed, in addition to the “shaking the table” quip let us know for sure that this won’t be the last that we hear from Amanda on the subject.

Oh, and she made it very clear that she didn’t ask to be excluded.


The conversation has since been buzzing on social media, with many people actually taking a stance to criticize Seales for being at odds in yet another public dispute with a cast and crew. Many may recall she had a similarly negative exit during the series finale of HBO’s Insecure, which is believed to be sparked by a controversial situation she once recalled with star Issa Rae while trying to get into an Emmy-themed Black Hollywood Party in 2020.

Take a look below at some of the reactions people have been giving Amanda Seales for complaining about being left out of The Real series finale, and let us know if you think she’s valid in her criticism or just holding on to the past a bit too long:



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1. I use to really like Amanda Seales but she act like people can’t not like her because she black. She acts very Karen adjacent

via @MuniMescudi

2. Dare i say it was antiblack of “The Real” producers to leave @amandaseales out of their host tribute?? …i was like cmon son. She was still a host bringing content the media clearly wasnt ready for.

via @dancinN3RD

3. Amanda Seales is so entitled. All of these different groups she engages with and she’s always on the outs with them. She seems like a difficult person and is always causing drama. The Insecure party thing was clearly just the start.

via @_ShesJustJhaz

4. Not for nothing ion like how The Real acted like Amanda Seales was never there…. But also the Insecure cast did her like that too…..

via @Prince_Cardia

5. I don’t understand why Amanda Seales is upset she wasn’t included in the episode when she legit went on a press tour saying she quit cause she hated working there and doing the show. And low key celebrated and laughed when the cancellation was announced. I would pay her dust too

via @MsKevin504

6. @amandaseales might not know, notice or care, but it bothered me that they didn’t include a clip or reference her on the finale of @TheRealDaytime . She might’ve been there for 5 minutes but she was a co-host as much as the rest of them! We love you, Amanda! #ngmfu

via @stillnotmixxed

7. Amanda Seales has every right to call out the real on their bullshit. Especially when they didn’t mention her in the farewell episode. But to be honest she was too real for the show anyway.

via @Debrabamidele

8. Amanda Seales is mad that she wasn’t mentioned nor put on the thumbnail with the other hosts of The Real. Did she forget that she trashed the hell out of the show and left? Why would they want to include her after that?

via @AshleyShyMiller

9. Amanda Seales is one of those people that thinks it’s always everyone else and never her…

via @SeanTheTerrible

10. Amanda Seales is so insufferable. When you trash a former employer they are not going to be inclined to celebrate you. I forgot she was even on there. And she wonders why black Hollywood don’t F with her.