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5 Things We Hope To Learn In Michelle Obama’s Intimate Memoir, “Becoming”  was originally published on

1. On Being Gifted & Black

On Being Gifted & Black

Michelle Obama is a shining example of a modern woman. Smart, opinionated and nuanced, her memoir “Becoming” will cover her life and work, beginning with her humble beginnings on the South Side of Chicago, to ascending to her historic position as the first African-American woman to serve as First Lady. Audiences hope her recollections will uncover her innermost thoughts on growing up Black and female in America and the struggle to maintain while on the road to self-actualization.

2. Sustaining Black Love

Sustaining Black Love

While the inner workings of the Obamas’ romantic relationship has been largely hidden from the public, we are sometimes privy to outward displays of their deep love for one another. In the memoir, we’d love to hear how the couple has been able to maintain their decades long relationship–especially under the microscope of the public eye. We hope Obama dedicates at least one chapter to delve into how they make their marriage work. Do they feel pressured to set an example? What kirks and personality traits did they have to overcome to sustain? Did they lose themselves in each other at any point in their relationship?

3. Finding Agency As First Lady

Finding Agency As First Lady

The weight of serving as the first Black woman to hold the office of First Lady must’ve proved difficult for Obama. We hope that “Becoming,” not only delves into overcoming the racist imagery and language used against her, but also addresses how she maintained autonomy and created her own lane in the position. Obama refreshingly showed us that she was more than just a mother and wife–she was a woman with a purpose and used her platform to advance the needs of women and girls worldwide.

4. Campaigning Under Pressure

Campaigning Under Pressure

Leading up to her husband’s historic win in 2008, to campaigning for candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, Obama frequently campaigned for the Democratic Party. Organizers and campaign officials usually called on Obama as their secret good luck charm to sway the crowd, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the former First Lady. Initially framed as the stereotypical “angry Black woman,” Obama’s accolades, wit and class was often overshadowed in her early days on the stump. Hopefully “Becoming” addresses those turbulent times and reveals how she refused to let racist archetypes hinder her path.

5. The Truth About Trump

The Truth About Trump

Obama became very candid about Trump during the 2016 election cycle. Even though she never mentioned his name during her passionate campaign speeches, her message was clear–she was not in support of Trump or his divisive agenda. In “Becoming,” we hope to learn her thoughts on Trump’s first year in office as she watched everything unfold, no longer as a political figure, but as a civilian invested in the future of the United States.