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11 Stars Before & After Plastic Surgery [PHOTOS]  was originally published on

1. BEFORE: Lil Kim


Back in 2002, Kim definitely had a different look.

2. AFTER: Lil Kim

AFTER: Lil Kim

Kim has had a considerable amount of plastic surgery, including a nose job, breast augmentation, among other surgeries.

3. BEFORE: Toni and Tamar Braxton

BEFORE: Toni and Tamar Braxton

Tamar was fresh-faced in 2001.

4. AFTER: Tamar and Toni Braxton

AFTER: Tamar and Toni Braxton

The sisters look drastically different in 2017. Tamar has admitted to having work done on her nose, plus botox and fillers.

5. BEFORE: Kim Kardashian

BEFORE: Kim Kardashian

Back in 2006, Kim Kardashian was a little-known stylist and closet organizer with a very different look.

6. BEFORE: LL Cool J


It’s been rumored that LL has had some work done.

7. AFTER: Kim Kardashian

AFTER: Kim Kardashian

Kimmy’s look is always changing.

8. AFTER: LL Cool J


Rumors continue to swirl that the “I Need Love” rapper has had work done to his nose. What do you think?

9. BEFORE: Vivica A. Fox

BEFORE: Vivica A. Fox

A fresh-faced Vivica Fox was stealing a million hearts when she first stepped on the scene.

10. AFTER: Vivica Fox

AFTER: Vivica Fox

In her 50s, Vivica is still slaying just as hard as ever, but its been rumored that she has had work done on her lips, nose and breasts.

11. BEFORE: Ciara


In another shot, Ciara looks like a baby next to young Ludacris (left) and Kevin Hart (right).

12. BEFORE: Ciara


At 19 years old in 2004, Ciara was the adorable girl next door.

13. AFTER: Ciara

AFTER: Ciara

The singer, model and mommy has been said to have work done to her nose, breasts and hips.

14. BEFORE: Beyonce

BEFORE: Beyonce

Back in 2000, Bey (center) was the adorable lead singer for the era’s most iconic girl group, Destiny’s Child.

15. BEFORE: Tyra Banks

BEFORE: Tyra Banks

Tyra in 1995

16. AFTER: Tyra Banks

AFTER: Tyra Banks

Tyra has been rumored to have had her nose done, but could it just be strong contouring?

17. AFTER: Beyonce

AFTER: Beyonce

Bey is said to have had a nose job, but we think the queen just grew up and improved her contour game.

18. BEFORE: Kelly Rowland

BEFORE: Kelly Rowland

Kelly is seen here in her Destiny’s Child days.

19. AFTER: Kelly Rowland

AFTER: Kelly Rowland

Kelly’s reportedly had her breasts done.

20. BEFORE: Amerie

BEFORE: Amerie

Amerie stepped on the scene in 2004 with her catchy hit “Why Don’t We Fall In Love.”

21. AFTER: Amerie

AFTER: Amerie

In 2016, people claim Amerie has had a little work done on her nose.

22. BEFORE: LaToya Jackson

BEFORE: LaToya Jackson

In 1977, a fresh-faced LaTaya poses with baby sis Janet Jackson.

23. AFTER: LaToya Jackson

AFTER: LaToya Jackson

By the 1980s, LaToya had a drastic new look.

24. AFTER: LaToya Jackson

AFTER: LaToya Jackson

LaToya in 2016.