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With monkeypox, COVID-19, mass shootings, and more, parents are super worried about sending their kids back to school.

Despite some positives, there are negative things also going on in the state.  What are the concerns you have when it comes to politics?   

The couple originally met on Hinge and after a couple of failed dates, the two met at Popeyes and fell in love. 

Was the pastor in on his church being robbed on live stream and should church leaders show off their wealth in church?

Lately, life has been expensive and we're complaining! In today's What's Trending, listeners call in to share what they refuse to pay for.

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses who was right and wrong in this viral situation between the parents and McDonald's.

Since these stories have been a thing since the 90s, in what's trending, we're asking, why did it take so long to take Robert down. 

When it comes to fathers having their rights, Rickey Smiley is very passionate about that subject. Fathers’ Rights Attorney Bobbie Edmonds joins the show to discuss ways to make life easier for fathers. 

Is it safe to travel this summer? Dr. Collier breaks down everything you need to know!

Dr. Collier explains the symptoms and what we can expect when it comes to the monkeypox virus that is beginning to pick up.