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The fact that we still have to address such topics in 2013 is beyond sad, but since this is spreading like wildfire across these internets, we see no choice but to once again have this conversation.  According to the Huffington Post, India Arie is in some very hot water for her new cover art for the album “Cocoa Butter”. In the picture, it seems as if the “Brown Skin” singer has somehow altered herself to look fairer skinned than she is naturally.

This isn’t something new. This has been done with many pictures of artists prior, both with and without their knowledge. But what makes this instance stand out so starkly is that Ms. Arie has allegedly spoken out countless times about how there is a bias against her because she is not light skinned. She also voiced her opinion recently about Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone in darker makeup and a fake afro wig.

Sometimes when you make your voice heard for a certain cause, you must make sure that the certain cause doesn’t come right back at you. Take a look at India’s Tweets about the subject!

OK, so that’s what she has to say about it, but is it more than just “Good Lighting”? We’ll let you be the judge. Take our poll and have your say!


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