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Jamie Foxx is an actor, singer, songwriter, producer, and sooner than you think, director. Speaking with, the Oscar winner says he already has a feature film he’d like to helm in mind. Moreover, he’s already talked to potential stars about it. You can check below for quotes on that as well as word on whether or not the Wanda and Sheneneh movie will ever happen.

Any plans for feature films?

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Oh yeah, I got a film I want to direct, it’s called All Star Weekend. It’s about two guys, one guy loves Kobe Bryant, the other guy loves LeBron James. When you talk about LeBron and Kobe, it’s like talking about Republican and Democrat. It is all the way out there funny. I’ve talked to Kevin Hart, and I’ve talked to Ken Jeong from The Hangover. I would probably make a cameo in it. Hopefully we’ll get that going really soon.

Speaking of Tarantino, do you feel any pressure because of the anticipation for Django Unchained?

No, man. I think it’s going to be something real special. Django’s gonna hit hard!

Finally, let’s talk about the Wanda and Sheneneh movie. What’s the status?

You know what, I still want to do the movie! Because the script that we have is so clever and so smart. But it comes down to Martin [Lawrence]. I think it would be a blast to do those characters again one more time. I’ve been asking Martin, you know, “Where you been, where you been at?”

Have you been pressuring him to do it?

I took a picture of my younger daughter, she’s three-and-a-half, watching the Martin Lawrence Show and I sent it to Martin. I said “Look at this man, I miss you bro. We need to get back to this, man.” But schedules have to work out, and, most importantly, Martin has to want to do it, man. But I just think, for our fans, they would go absolutely nuts.

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