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Since releasing hits like”Closer” and “Beautiful Monster”, Ne-Yo has constantly been criticized for abandoning R&B for that pop life. Ne-Yo has had enough of the drama and is finally speaking out. The “Lazy Love” crooner went on the Angie Martinez radio show and let some critics have it.

When asked how he felt about critics calling him a pop artist and asking how he could proclaim how alive R&B is when he is no longer making R&B music anymore, Ne-Yo responded by saying, “I normally don’t do this. I’ve officially declared myself above the B.S. in regard to bloggers and people that say silly stuff on blogs. I need to get at some people directly.”

The singer-songwriter went on to express that his sound has evolved over the years, but he still knows where home is and that would be R&B music. “Somebody said something along the lines of, ‘How can you say that R&B is still alive when you’ve crossed over into this pop world?’” Ne-Yo began. “And that kind of upset me because what ya’ll don’t understand is that it was R&B that gave me the platform to even be able to do a song like ‘Let Me Love You,’ to do a song like ‘Closer,’ a song like ‘Beautiful Monster.’”

Although he gets irritated by the naysayers’ comments, Ne-Yo isn’t worried about their opinions. He believes his upcoming fifth album R.E.D., dropping September 18th,  will shut all the haters up. “I know where I came from. I know that R&B is where it started at for me. When this new album comes out, it will shut the mouths of everybody who feels like I have ‘crossed over.’”

While some have called Ne-Yo making pop music a desperate attempt at crossover appeal, Ne-Yo just feels like he’s being a good businessman. “I’ve just paid attention to the fact that I have a very broad fan base. I have my diehard R&B fans, I got my pop fans,” he said. “This album is an equal mix of both. If there’s six R&B records, then there’s six pop records so that everybody can come to the same damn concert and stay for the whole damn show.”

Let’s say Ne-Yo did go pop, he still writes and produces R&B music for other artists. So what’s the issue? Like Kanye West asked earlier in the summer, can’t a young brotha get money anymore?



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