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When Jennifer Williams tweeted a photo of herself with the high note-hitting hottie, Maxwell in the club together, Twitter was a buzz with rumors about the two dating. You know how these stories take a life of their own after only a picture is shared. Well, Jennifer just confirmed on Twitter that Maxwell is indeed her “boo.”

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Williams tweeted:

She didn’t @ Maxwell so that we know it was real, but one of my coworkers screamed out, “Do we know if Maxwell has a cold?” We all laughed around the office, but I went directly to Maxwell’s tweets after the laughter died down and saw this tweet from yesterday:

Well, there you have it. Maxwell’s sick with a summer cold and Jennifer wants her “boo” to get better soon. I guess that’s confirmation enough that the former basketball wife is an R&B girlfriend. Hey Vh1, there’s your next reality show idea. I’ll take 15%, thanks.

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