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Just when you thought the Mary J. Blige Burger King commercial fiasco had died down, Mary stopped by The Angie Martinez Radio Show to discuss her feelings about the ill-fated fast food ad.

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The backlash caused by the crispy chicken wrap commercial was swift and overwhelming for everyone involved. Websites, including this one, posted the video of Mary’s chicken wrap jingle poking fun and taking Mary to task for its sheer wackness. Though Blige’s camp immediately went into spin control, Mary was fairly tight-lipped about the commercial. When Angie Martinez asked Mary about the Burger King ad, Mary finally got her chance to share her side of the story. Mary said the ad she was pitched was supposed to feature her presented in an iconic light singing about the ingredients in the new chicken sandwich.

Mary J.  also had something to say about the infamous line, “What’s in that new chicken wrap?” She says she was literally asking the producers of the shoot the ingredients because she couldn’t remember them and the Burger King people took that part, sped it up, and threw it in the commercial. Mary maintains she would never do something to disrespect or degrade our culture the way people thought she did. the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul said she was heartbroken by the comments and she took it as a learning experience as to who were her true friends and who were just posers.

Check out the interview Mary J. Blige gave Angie Martinez below. Have you finally forgiven her for the crispy chicken wrap commercial?


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