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Hot on the promotional trail for his upcoming album Triple F Life, Waka Flocka revealed the real reason he and Wiz Khalifa are beefing. Flocka says the beef began over comments each of them made after smoking a blunt together. Yes, some damn weed is what they are arguing about. Though Wiz maintains he doesn’t know why Waka doesn’t like him and that he’s not willing to get into a feud with him, Waka Flocka’s side of the story is totally different.

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Flocka told the people at MTV’s Hip Hop POV he and Khalifa were smoking those purple flowers and Wiz couldn’t handle all of the smoke and tapped out early. After hearing about Waka’s comments about him not being able to hang, Wiz Khalifa supposedly tweeted, “Waka knows nothing about weed.” Wiz Khalifa’s tweet apparently ruffled a few of Waka Flocka’s dreads. The two have said they no longer have any issue with the other at this point in time.

Hopefully, they can go their separate ways and smoke all the weed they want to however they choose to.


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