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When former NFL star Deion Sanders began live tweeting a beat down he received from his wife and her friend, people were a little skeptical about his story being true or not.

Deion Sanders went on Twitter to tell the world his estranged wife Pilar Sanders had attacked him in their Texas mansion with the help of one her friends. What made the attack worse was the couple’s two young sons witnessed the whole thing. While Sanders spun the story so his wife could shoulder most of the blame, police have made it clear to Sanders he wasn’t totally innocent.

Local police in Prosper, Texas investigated the altercation and cited Deion Sanders. He was given a ticket for misdemeanor simple assault. Pilar Sanders was arrested and booked for “assault family violence.”

Deion Sanders is getting slap on the wrist for his part in the altercation. His ticket carries a fine of up to $500.

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