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In recent days, news has circulated Eddie Murphy will star in the sequel to the 1988 comedy Twins. The film where Arnold Scharzenegger and Danny DeVito. Murphy is set to play Scharzenegger and DeVito’s long lost triplet. Though the first film was a box office success, many have been skeptical of Murphy’s addition, let alone the film itself.

In effort to remind people of Eddie Murphy’s hits rather than potential misses, The Urban Daily offers Eddie Murphy’s 10 best movies. Hercules! Hercules!

10. The Nutty Professor – After Boomerang, Murphy’s box office bankability came into question. Vampire In Brooklyn was a major flop and studios began to look at him as profit repellent. Enter The Nutty Professor. A remake of Jerry Lee Lewis’ 1963 comedy, The Nutty Professor found Murphy doing what he loved, being hidden behind all that make up and prosthetics. The Nutty Professor relaunched Murphy’s career as well as lighting a fire under the careers of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Dave Chappelle. Chappelle is the comedian who makes fun of Sherman Klump. He’s come a long way.

9. Boomerang – Though he always had beautiful leading ladies to play opposite against, Boomerang was Eddie Murphy’s beautiful women hat trick. Not only an exceptional film in the black romantic comedy genre, Boomerang boasted the looks of Halle Berry before Hollywood tainted her. Robin Givens was super fine as a sultry vixen too. Although a small role, Lela Rochon had women making sure their feet were done after Eddie Murphy’s Marcus wouldn’t call her again because she had hammertime on her toes. Not to mention, Eartha Kitt rocking that cougar swag before cougar swag was a term in America’s lexicon only adds to the movie’s appeal.

8. Shrek – Shrek was one of the best animated movies ever! Murphy joined another Saturday Night Live alum Mike Myers for in this comedy about friendship, love, and self-esteem. Though Shrek was the star, Murphy’s voicing of Donkey made him the breakout star of the film. Could the singing have something to do with it? Maybe it was Donkey’s love affair with a dragon. Either way, every time I see this movie, I get an urge to eat waffles. That’s because of Donkey.

7. Harlem Nights – Universally panned by critics, Harlem Nights has become a cult classic. Eddie Murphy’s directorial debut was a comedian’s wet dream. Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Robin Harris, Charlie Murphy, and Arsenio Hall all do their part to bring the laughs. Arsenio Hall damn near stole the movie in his scenes where he’s trying to shoot Murphy’s character and sobbing at the same time. That would be considered the best part of the film had Eddie Murphy not shot Della Reese’s pinky toe off.

6. Beverly Hills Cop – Beverly Hills Cop is one of the comedian’s best. Taking a normal fish out of water story and infusing genuine laughs is hard to do. Beverly Hills Cop did it with ease. Though Murphy cemented his star status with his role as Axel Foley, Murphy’s supporting cast helped get rave reviews. Beverly Hills Cop is also remarkable considering Murphy’s role was originally supposed to go Sylvester Stallone. Imagine Stallone saying Murphy’s lines. You can’t picture that happening, can you?

5. Life – After his big comeback movie, The Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy fell back into a slump. Life showed Murphy could be funny and believable as something besides a cop. Him having Martin Lawrence to play off of didn’t hurt either. Their chemistry on screen was enough to have fans begging for another collaboration from the pair. Until that happens, we can still laugh at Eddie Murphy catching an ass whooping over Martin not giving up his cornbread.

4. Trading Places –  In the beginning of Eddie Murphy’s film career, he was pigeonholed in the black and white buddy comedy lane. Trading Places is one of those films. Starring Dan Akroyd and Murphy as two total opposites who have their lives upside down by two bored elderly brothers with the money to bet whether nature or nurture affects someone’s success in life. When Murphy and Akroyd figure out the scheme they’ve involuntarily been apart of, they turn the tables on the older gentlemen and make mad money in the process. What could be better than that?

3. Dreamgirls – Many will call Murphy’s performance in the award winning film a revelation. Who knew Eddie Murphy could be a serious actor without hiding behind 75 pounds of prosthetic make up and fat suits? As Jimmy Early, Murphy showed there was more to him than being funny. Though he was excellent throughout the movie, he won a Golden Globe for that one look he gave Keith Robinson after Jamie Foxxdidn’t like his race record. Murphy was robbed of the Oscar because of that damn Rasputia movie nobody wanted to see! Damn you, Norbit!

2. 48 Hours – Murphy’s movie debut started the buddy cop film genre which is still prevalent today. Nick Nolte provided a good straight man to rail against Murphy’s colorful and outlandish comedy. Some of the lines in 48 Hours rang true in real life as well in the flick. “There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Reggie Hammond!” signified a new aspect being brought to acting. Eddie Murphy proved black comedians were still a force to be reckoned with. Murphy also showed his singing chops with a jailhouse rendition of The Police’s “Roxanne,” which still is hilarious today.

1. Coming To America – What can be said about Coming To America that hasn’t been said? It’s one of the funniest movies ever created and that’s not up for debate. Featuring an all-star cast, Coming To America put a spin on opposites attracting. Plus, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall both playing multiple characters using prosthetic make-up changed the way movie characters looked on screen. Coming To America was Murphy’s first film to see him playing more than one role and it’s also the last good film in Eddie Murphy’s initial film domination in the 80s.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.


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