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Gabrielle Union stopped by Chelsea Lately to talk Think Like A Man, in theaters today, along with her friendship with the Obamas and what life was like with boyfriend, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, during the NBA lockout.

On her friendship with the Obamas:

Yeah, it’s one of those random things where people are like, “Who should we invite to the dinner party? Well, there’s POTUS AND the FLOTUS,” which is weird because we have mutual friends. We’ve been to their house; you guys might have heard of the White House. I guess I was thinking that they would have Pâté and this super fancy stuff so we’re trying to eat before we go, just in case they didn’t have good food. I’m from Omaha and [Dwayne] is from Chicago and we’re like, “We need to eat” just in case they got too grand. So we get there, and he’s got Jay-Z playing and Janet Jackson, potato salad and baked beans and we’re like, “Yeah!” So we ate again.

Was Dwayne Wade was on set a lot because the NBA lockout?

Yeah, he went to being one of the dreamers I had dated before like unemployed and just around.

Was he grabbing you cappuccinos and stuff like that?

No, because I went from being one of the stars of the movie to Dwayne Wade is here! So he was getting all the good treatment but I think he really believed he was [Martin] Scorsese. He was next to the director and I could hear him; sometimes if we’re in the video village where the producers and directors are, you can hear them. They’re supposed to be silent and I could hear him say, “I don’t believe her.” What are you talking about? Your Gatorade commercial has prepared you and now you’re Scorsese?

Catch the full interview below:


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