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Mama Jones of  VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop,” has kept herself relevant with Twitter beefs and an inexplicable attitude most mothers don’t carry. The Harlem firecracker even recorded a diss song to her son’s fiance– Chrissy, which caused several beefs between once-friends. The “Psychotic B***h” recently spoke to TT Torrez about the show, saying :

“I’ve never known Yandy to be with different females and stuff, indulging the way she does. Come on now, first of all, everybody on there lookin’ like clowns and wants to fight. Poor Kimbella who is supposed to be good friends with Yandy, her pud is always gettin’ her *effed up. And every time you turn around Yandy is always there. Yo, she can’t be my friend. Then here comes another new girl, Erica. I cannot be part of that circus. It’s too much going on and everybody really don’t know each other like that.”

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