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“Make no mistake. I’m talking to Drake,” Chicago rhymer Common ad-libbed at the end of a venomous 16 bars directed at Toronto spitter Drake. Thank you! After several back and forth jabs thrown almost blindly at one another, here, my friends, is some clarity.

It all started when Common released “Sweet,” a single from his new album The Dreamer, The Believer, weeks ago attacking singing rappers. Drake responded last Friday on Rick Ross’ ”Stay Schemin” with a verse directed at veteran male rappers that act like “broads.” Com hit back this morning by tacking a fresh verse to “Schemin” and actually saying his name.

The bout’s been entertaining for many, but really, should have never begun in the first place. Here are the reasons this beef should’ve stayed in the freezer.

1. This isn’t Common’s style – I wouldn’t go as far as saying Common is a nice guy and definitely wouldn’t say he’s soft. He’s not a troublemaker, either. He’s a finisher. For him to throw the first jab at Drake is unlike him. This isn’t like his 1994 battle with Ice Cube over “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” where Common rhymes about hip-hop’s transformation and Cube took offense to it.

2. The pot calling the kettle black – Common attacks Drake for being “sweet” (see: emotionally available, soft, girly), but Com has always been one of the most honest, lady-loving, rappers out. And occasionally, he’s even sung a bit himself. Granted, he’s doesn’t crooner as much as Drizzy, but it’s there. You would think that Common would appreciate a Drake, who raps well and delivers his music in a unique fashion.

3. Drake NEVER responds to diss records – Common isn’t the first rapper to try Drake. He’s just the first that’s gotten a response. Drake has always said the best response is no response, opting not to leave rappers who aren’t as hot as him alone. Apparently, Common’s “Sweet” struck a nerve.

4. Common initially didn’t call Drake out at first – For a rapper that never responds to hate, Drake sure did pick an odd track to snap at. If Common never said Drake’s name on “Sweet,” why did he feel Com was talking to him? Maybe he felt like he had to rep for his kind?


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