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Former Bad Boy artist, G-Dep, is in prison after confessing to shooting a man who died in 1993. Not one to just sit an rot behind bars, G-Dep is working on a poetry book which will serve as an autobiography. Dep hasn’t given many details about the forthcoming literary work, but he did offer that the book will answer some burning questions that fans have about the enigmatic rapper.

“The book is an autobiography,” the former Bad Boy signee explained. “It’s one of those things where I’m not trying to explain or justify anything, it’s just I’m trying to just give people my last option. Obviously I can’t record. I don’t know if people are wondering what’s going on or even care, but this is something from an artistic point of view that will kind of close out what I was doing, for now. It might kinda answer some people’s questions. I’m really just putting it out there as an example. You can make your own synopsis of what you think of it or what you’re trying to do with yourself. Really, I’m just putting my story out there. And I’m trying to give a positive message at the same time.”

G-Dep’s story is sure to be interesting.  This no release date given for the book. Will you be picking up a copy when it hits stores? Are you even interested in what G-Dep has to say?

Props to SOHH.


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