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I didn’t know that Dreux Frederics aka Lil’ Fizz had a child but his babymother gave Bossip an exclusive interview about their relationship and Raz-B.

Moniece is Lil’ Fizz’s ex-girlfriend whom took it upon herself to talk about their relationship to Bossip. She portrays Lil’ Fizz as a deadbeat dad and doesn’t clear up any of Raz-B’s accusations about Fizzo being molested.

Bossip: Since the two of you have known each other since you were 15, so almost nine years, is it safe to assume you’ve had dealings with anyone in TUG Entertainment or B2K?

Moniece: Raz and I were very close in ’07-’08 and then he kinda… I don’t really know how to put it; you see what was put out there. And I was working with Konvict at the time, so I actually worked very closely, basically hand in hand, with Marques Houston for the “Mr. Houston” project. So yes, I have had dealings. I have witnessed the amount of help that Ricky [Romance] and Raz received, and been a part of it firsthand. I had an apartment in my name for Ricky that Chris and Marques asked me to help him with. And he took advantage of that, so I nipped that in the bud. And I just didn’t want any part of that whole scandal. But Marques and I are cool, Chris and I are okay. I don’t know how their relationship is with Fizz.

Bossip: But you guys co-parent your son, right? So you’re cool now?

Moniece: No, we don’t speak; and I’m not at liberty to talk about that right now because we are in the middle of a horrible, disgusting, nasty custody battle. We actually haven’t talked to each other in over three months.

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