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We might not have an NBA season this year. Luckily, we still have thousands of classic moments in NBA history to look back on.

While NBA players rarely fight when they do, it is usually entertaining due to their lack of coordination and size.

Check out the 5 greatest NBA fights of all-time.

5. Robert Parish Vs. Bill Laimbeer.

Bill Laimbeer was the Detroit Pistons ultimate agitiator, angering and frustrating his opponents. Laimbeer would anger the wrong man when he fouled Boston Celtics center, Robert Parish, who proceeded to give him two tomahawk chops to the head.

4. Shaquille O’Neal vs Charles Barkley

Shaquille O’Neal will join Charles Barkley as a host on TNT’s “Inside The NBA” as soon as the season starts. But when Barkley was playing with the Rockets, he got into a big fight with Shaq that included ball throwing and tackling.

3. Heat vs Knicks

After Alonzo mourning began brawling with Larry Johnson, both teams joined in and it ended up with Knicks coach, Jeff Van Gundy, grabbing Alonzo’s leg and being dragged around.

2. Kobe Bryant Vs. Chris Childs.

Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the best basketball players of all time and Chris Childs will go down in history as the player who punched one the best basketball players of all time in the face.

1. Ron Artest Vs. Pistons Fans

Ron Artest showed a lot of restraint by not retaliating for a hard foul and just laying down on a table. But when a fan threw a beer on him he went into the stands looking for a fight. After that chaos erupted with several Pacer players fighting Piston fans.

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