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“What’s your number?” If your boyfriend or girlfriend asked this question, would you answer? Let’s not pretend we don’t all know what “number” I’m talking about and it isn’t your phone number (although for some guys out there your number actually may be approaching seven digits.) I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of the new movie “Whats Your Number?” starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans and since a healthy portion of the ways we govern our sexual and dating lives is based on our “number” I thought it would be interesting to find out just how important the number of partners someone has had really is.

To give you a basic idea about the film, Anna Faris’s character has slept with 19 people and discovers in a Cosmo Magazine article that a woman’s chances of marrying after 20 partners drops significantly. This sends her on a quest to find all of her ex’s(with the help of an often naked Chris Evans) to ensure that the next man she gives it up to is the man that walks her down the aisle.

Now I had the pleasure of speaking with the gorgeous Tika Sumpter (who can also be seen in the up coming Think Like A Man with Kevin Hart) on the red carpet who co-stars in the film playing one of Anna’s close girlfriends and I asked her about the importance of “the number” to women.

So, should a woman ever reveal her number? Tika doesn’t think so saying, “Everybody always says they want to be honest I don’t think people really want to be honest with each other, so no. I don’t think everybody can take it, only a certain person can take it.”

Personally I would have to agree, even as a man I can admit we may want to know but we may not always be happy with the answer, a sentiment she echoed for me saying, “Most men love being all over the place but if a woman can’t count(them) on her fingers then they don’t want to be with you. You want us to play as if we don’t have a lot of partners.”

Well maybe Ms. Sumpter would want to know her boyfriend’s number? “Absolutely not,” she said. “Why would I want to know that? I just want to know that he’s safe and that’s it.”

Which seems to be the right way to go about it. No one really wants to know their partner’s number because if it’s too low you probably won’t believe them(especially if it’s a guy) and if it’s too high you’ll probably want out of the relationship, or at the very least you’ll be thinking very heavily about who’s had your partner’s goodies before they got to you.

What’s Your Number? is a very funny film, personally one of my favorite Anna Faris movies. It does a good job of expressing just how consumed women can become over something as silly as their number of sexual partners, how it affects their future, and Cosmo Magazine articles. It was a movie I wouldn’t have minded being dragged to by a girlfriend even if just to validate my belief of how women can sometimes over think things and have it played out comedically on screen for me.

It’s no secret guys pride themselves on a high number and girls aim to keep it low. Society has pretty much conditioned us to think and act this way so don’t be too hard on yourself for your sexual behavior.

So, would you tell your partner your number? Discuss it with them and us at TheUrbanDaily in the comments below now and after you go see What’s Your Number? in theaters this weekend.


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