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Wow! According to Perez Hilton, Kanye West is looking to continue to push his “boundaries”:

“He’s not stopping at the mullet, y’all.

In a new interview, the rapper/auto-tuned singer reveals that as an artist, he’s down for doing bi-sexual porn to compliment his latest release, 808 & Heartbreak.

Says Kanye:

I know people will find that as another thing to hate me on, but fuck it. I’m open to doing porn. Hell, I’ll even do bisexual scenes – myself, another man and a woman, or just me and two women. I know people will find that as some weird shit, but I am who I am.

West also goes on to explain why he’s such an iconic artist:

“I’m an artist. Artist expand; they don’t contract. What do I look like staying confined in one space with all my talent? I’m an icon.”

Kanye is running at the mouth again!”

What do you think? Is Kanye just striving for attention? Or is he branching out as an artist? Speak on it in the comments?!

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