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With “Laugh At My Pain” Kevin Hart joins Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Martin Lawrence as one of the few Black comedians to have a stand up comedy concert turned into a movie released in theaters. Hart has been paying dues for some time now, both on the stand up circuit and the Black movie circuit. Will this movie put him in the ranks of the Black comedy greats?

Hart is an extremely funny story teller. The title “Laugh At My Pain” is extremely descriptive as Hart’s self deprecating humor is evident in the stories he tells. Like Murphy and Prior Hart turns his family and personal life into tales of amusement. While many in the hip hop generation generate their personas from bragging about how tough and how rich they are, Hart tells tales of being too short, too soft and too broke.

Like Prior, Hart uses the tragedies like his father’s drug abuse to create humorous tales. Like Bill Cosby, Hart uses tales of fatherhood to make us laugh. Hart uses tales of his celebrity life and tales of growing up much like Eddie Murphy did in Raw.

Hart’s comedy is not so much a series of jokes, but tales that remind you of one of your funny friends telling stories about his life, his family and his past. His personal style of story telling makes it seem as if he his talking directly to you and not to a crowd.

When I talked to Kevin Hart, he seemed humble yet extremely ambitious. He says he can talk about his father’s drug abuse because today, his father is sober and healthy. He says he’s confident in his material and lets his young children watch his movies and that they know that “that’s just daddy doing his job.”

Hart’s comedy idols, Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy have called him to give him praise and like most great comedians, Hart studies the legends that have come before him.

Hart seems posed to make the transitions from Black movies to mainstream movies. While he may be known for slapstick parody movies like “Soul Plane” and “Scary Movie 3,” he is transitioning to romantic comedies like “35 And Ticking” and “The 5 Year Engagement,” in which he the only African American character.

So far the writing for Kevin hart’s movies have not matched his own talent and joke writing ability so Kevin is writing movies and TV pilots with his own production company, HartBear. Hart also has been utilizing technology and has created his own Iphone app, a video game that also allows access to news on Hart and his stand up comedy.

Judging by the bootleggers, barbershops, and the stand up comedy circuit, Kevin Hart is the number one comedian for urban America. If Hart’s movies or TV show can receive the same writing that he puts into his stand up, he can join Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor as one of the few Black comedians who transitioned from stand up comedian to movie and TV star.

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