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Since the launch of Youtube, user-generated original videos have taken the Internet by storm from babies performing tricks, to politicians caught saying or acting inappropriately, to what we are writing about in this piece — public transportation fights.

Below you will find some of the funniest, yet saddest moments that our society has offered us in the past five years.

Take a look at the list and tell us if we missed something, and if you agree with our order.

10. Football Player Saves Students By Tackling Armed Girl On School Bus

A top-ranked high school quarterback saved the lives of his fellow students by using his football skills to tackle a girl who pulled a gun on a school bus in Mississippi. Kaleb Eulls saved numerous lives with this daring act. The girl was later charged with kidnapping and attempted assault.

9. Two Women Charged For Fighting Bus Driver In Detroit

After a bus driver in Detroit picked up one woman but not her friend, the duo responded by attacking him on the bus. The women were later charged with battery and assault.

8. Man Tries To Hijack NYC Train With Screwdriver

A mentally troubled man decided for some unknown reason that he wanted to hijack a number 5 train in the Bronx. Luckily, passengers came to the conductor’s aid before he could commandeer the train into another version of the movie “Pelham 123.”

7. Women Brawl On NYC Subway, Baby Stroller Rolls Out Train

Two women decided to brawl on the L train in New York City after one woman sprayed the other with mace. One of the women was so caught up in the fight that she neglected her child in a stroller, which began to roll off the train.

6. Naked Man On Train Attacks Black Passengers, Yells N-Word

A deranged man began yelling racial slurs on a train platform in New York City attacking African American passengers. Eventually, he was subdued by a police officer and fellow commuters. He was taken to a hospital for a psychological evaluation.

5. Fight Erupts Over White Lady Calling Black Girls “Animals”

After an older woman called teenagers “animals” for eating spaghetti on the train, the teenagers began to verbally and physically attack her.

4. NYPD Brawls With High School Students At Subway Station

A brawl between what appears to be high school students and the NYPD was caught on tape and posted on YouTube. The fight appears to be at the Broadway Junction subway stop in Brooklyn, New York.

3. Girls Beat Man On D.C. Subway While Onlookers Record

A group of teenagers began harassing a man in a Washington D.C. train station for some unknown reason. They eventually wound up assaulting him despite his pleas for them to leave him alone.

2. Man Beats Ninja Over Crazy Lady Singing On L.A. Subway

A lady singing religious songs started a conflict between a bald man and a man dressed in martial arts clothes. The bald man beat the martial arts artist — and a transsexual female intervened — claiming that the singing women should be arrested for causing the violence.

1. “Epic Beard Man” Beats Man On Bus

This fight took the internet by storm when a 76-year-old white man beat up a younger, Black man in a fight on an Oakland bus. The clip quickly went viral on urban and white supremacist sites.