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Black men have always seemed to have something against women with shorter hair. While I won’t make a general statement and say that black men have a fear that a woman will lose her beauty if she goes and makes “the big chop” I will say it certainly seems that way. I recently read an article on Vibe Vixen asking one of the many million dollar questions amongst the African American community and that is, “Do Men Really Prefer Women With Long Hair?

This truly seems to be the million dollar question as it cuts directly straight to the core of some women of color’s source of self esteem and self confidence, our hair. As mentioned in the article, if were in a relationship whenever the idea of cutting our hair comes up some men will have absolutely no parts of their woman cutting their hair, they won’t even hear of it. So one of the first things a woman does after a break-up is go for the big chop. Is it a symbol of our independence? A staple of our individuality? Or simply the result of being a trendsetter? Who knows, but it does seem as though a lot of black men have a problem with the idea of a woman cutting her hair?

Check out Vibe Vixen’s full article here!

Also, fellas here is your chance to speak out, what is your take on women with short hair?

Do Men Prefer Women With Long Hair?

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