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Missy Elliott is one of the most creative, barrier-breaking pioneers in not only hip-hop but female hip-hop, as well. Missy made it okay to be funny and creative and, somehow, sexy to walk around in trash bags and jogging suits. She broke the stereotype that you had to be physically fit or a size 2 to be able to dance with the best of them. Long story short, she made it okay to be yourself in the music industry.

Missy’s ability to dance, sing, rap and write songs makes her certifiably a quadruple threat, topping any other female rapper in history as far I’m concerned. I urge you to do your stretches before pressing play on these videos because they are sure to have you leaving scratches on your hard wood floor from dancing. Check out the top 10 Missy Elliott videos that made us all wanna “Work It”:

10. She’s A B*tch:

9. All In My Grill:

8. Lose Control:

7. Get Your Freak On:

6. Work It:

5. Hot Boyz:

4. Sock It 2 Me:

3. Beep Me 911:

2. I’m Really Hot:

1. The Rain:

What are some of your favorite Missy Elliott videos?

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