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Green Lantern opens in theaters nationwide today,  and while Hollywood hottie Ryan Reynolds anchors the newest DC Comics franchise as Hal Jordan, the burning question on our lips is: “Where the heck is John Stewart?”   Actor Nick Jones Jr. was cast and had a cameo appearance in the film, but sadly his scenes only made it to the cutting room floor.  Hopefully, if the Green Lantern movie makes major bank in ticket sales, we’ll get to see John Stewart in his very own epic adventure on the big screen.

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Until then, The Urban Daily presents our five favorite Green Lantern episodes in the classic “Justice League” animated series.  Voiced by “MADtv” alum Phil LaMarr, this version of Green Lantern was one of the most powerful members of the League, and was usually the last man standing in their countless battles against the bad guys.  Due to Bruce Timm and the wonderful writing of the late Dwayne McDuffie, John Stewart was elevated beyond the token black character–he was smart, complex, and featured in almost every episode throughout the show’s entire run.

“In Blackest Night”—John Stewart makes a visit back to the ‘hood, even bumping into one of his old high school teachers.  But his trip down memory lane is cut short when he’s taken into custody by The Manhunters.   Green Lantern must fight for his life when put on trial by an intergalactic tribunal, who accuses him of destroying an alien planet and all its inhabitants.

“Starcrossed”—The Justice League suffers the ultimate betrayal from one of their own, when Hawkgirl is revealed to be a spy doing recon for her homeworld of Thanagar.  Green Lantern and Hawkgirl’s relationship, as well as the fate of the world, hang in the balance.

“Wake The Dead”—A year has passed since Hawkgirl resigned from the Justice League, and Green Lantern is now involved with new Justice League member (and part time supermodel) Vixen.  Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are reunited when they must team up to defeat super baddie Solomon Grundy.

“The Once And Future Thing”—Green Lantern (along with Batman and Wonder Woman) go back in time and into to the future while chasing Kronos.  In the future, he meets Warhawk, a fierce warrior and League member–who just happens to be Green Lantern’s and Hawkgirl’s son.

“Shadow of The Hawk”—When a mysterious stranger, Katar Hall, makes the moves on Hawkgirl, Green Lantern has a hard time repressing his green-eyed monster within.  Things soon evolve into a complicated love quadrangle between Green Lantern, Vixen, Katar and Hawkgirl.


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