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Rapper Saigon, p*ssed off an upcoming vixen, Taina when he called her a b*tch and a hoe after she wouldn’t let him “feel on her.” She says he is “A Disrespectful N*gga.” It all started when Saigon hit her up on Facebook eventually the two  got together at the club Greenhouse. She says he bought her drinks from the bar and she couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t in V.I.P popping bottles, or why people weren’t showing him much respect. He offered her $500 to come back to his crib and she declined.

“What the f*ck  imma do with $500? I cant even get me a pair of Louboutins on sale with that”

She goes on to say that Saigon continued to text her over and over after he dropped her off home.

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