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Our hair is prone to dryness especially in the winter months. Here are some winter hair care tips that will keep your tresses in great shape so that when spring rolls around from your hair will be ready to face warm weather in good health from elev8.com:

Beware Breakage

If you experience breakage in one or two specific areas of your hair, it might have nothing to do with how you care for it, but what you wear on it. Wool hats and scarves can rub against and pull on delicate black hair, breaking it off at the nape of your neck (where the scarf might sit) or at the crown of your head. You need a hat and scarf if you live in a snowy climate, but the trick is wearing them the right way to avoid damage. Try sewing a satin or silk lining inside your wool cap. If you’re not crafty enough to do this, ask a friend or family member who is. Before wrapping that wool scarf around your neck, make sure your hair is out of the way, either through a protective style or already secured beneath your properly lined hat.

Wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Do it before you go to bed. It will hold in your hair’s moisture through the night and help it replenish what it lost during the cold winter day. When you wake up, your normally dry hair will be shiny and moist.


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