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In a perfect world, we’d all wake up early, go on a run, eat a healthy breakfast, and then head into work to tackle our next big project. As self-starters, we’d be brimming with energy and enthusiasm and wouldn’t even consider procrastinating before a deadline.

In the real world, however, we don’t always live up to our highest ambitions. But just because we don’t always do something, doesn’t mean we can’t ever do it. To help you along the way, here are four steps to help turn you into a self-starter instead of a self-stopper from

Stay Ahead of Deadlines.

Do your work early, do your work often. Everybody puts off doing things they don’t enjoy to one degree or another, but the most successful people know that procrastination leads to inertia, and inertia is hard to escape. Instead of dillydallying on a big project, start early. If you do a little bit of work everyday, you will be finished with the project well before your deadline. This will give you time to work at a leisurely pace and will keep you from feeling stressed and rushed during the process.