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Bakari Kitwana speaks with political analyst Keli Goff about mid-term elections results around the country. Goff responds to what she sees as surprising and not so surprising in key elections from Delaware and Nevada to West Virginia and Kentucky. Goff also shares insight on the problem that the Tea Party movement now poses from Republican establishment—rather than for President Obama.

She makes a strong case that we will see establishment Republican Party insiders attempting to tone down the hateful rhetoric that targeted immigrants, Muslims and African Americans leading up to Nov 2.

Kitwana asks Goff, “What’s the take-away message for the Black community from last night’s results?” She responds: “It was a mistake for Democrats to assume that a vote for Barack Obama was a long-term vote of loyalty for the Democratic Party.

Not only can you not take the Black vote for granted, but also you have to work for their vote beyond the election year. It has to be a long-term ongoing process.” Goff adds, “Because of what happened last night, starting today the Democrats will begin laying the ground work for turning out the Black vote for the 2012 Election.”

Keli Goff is a writer and political analyst whose comments regularly on youth and minority voters. A contributor to the, she’s the author of Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence.

Bakari Kitwana is CEO of Rap Sessions, Editor at Large of and author of the forthcoming Hip-Hop Activism in the Obama Era. (Third World Press, 2010)


Midterm Elections: What’s at stake for the Black community [Podcast]

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