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DJ Khaled clearly lives a life. In a recent interview he reveals what he needs with him at all times during a trip.

As he prepares for the release of his fourteenth album DJ Khaled is even more busy than usual. During some of his most recent maneuvers he spoke to GQ Magazine and gave the world an inside look on his travel essentials. And as expected his pieces and more so his explanations did not disappoint. When asked what he packs first he made clear that hygiene is always top of mind regardless where he is going. “I mean, you got to have the gold toothbrush. Got to have that. Personally, I love Dove deodorant” he said. “Also, I got to throw some cigars in there because I might hit the golf course. Need some lighters in there because I got to light the cigars, so we’ll need the Djeep lighters, for sure. I love to flick lighters when I make music, when I hear something hot.”

The music mogul also is very specific when it comes to his white t-shirts. “Now the white T’s—very important. There’s two different types of white T’s. One is the new fresh one, just in case you need to throw something on, you can never go wrong” he added. “But then you have the white T’s that you wash every single day. I would hope you wash your clothes every day. My white T’s, I like to wear the washed ones when I go to bed. I love those. It’s just a different feeling, and I sleep so much better.”

But surprisingly his tour rider is very straightforward. “You know we got the Diptyque candles. The Beats Pill. Djeep lighter. Gum. Fresh towels. Hand sanitizer. I ain’t gonna lie to you, we got a little chocolate. Just in case I get in that zone, I need something chocolate, some Hershey’s. But then we also got granola, the healthy pack,” he said.

You can watch the official trailer for DJ Khaled’s forthcoming album Til Next Time below.

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