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Black woman washing her hair using Beyoncé Cécred products Haircare collection

Source: Cécred / Courtesy of Brand

When Beyoncé personally contacted me (OK, it didn’t quite happen like that) to try her Cécred products, I was ecstatic I would be one of the first customers to not only try the products but give my honest review because I rarely see girlies with my kind of texture, length, and density go viral for their reviews. Social media only seems to love 4C when it’s long, bouncy, and super full. And since my hair isn’t like that, I prefer to try products on my hair and formulate my own opinion.

After two kids, I’ve struggled with postpartum hair loss and a consistent wash day routine. But, bay-be the way Cécred is set up, wash day took on new meaning. Launched with eight products, the Cécred foundation collection makes wash day a little longer, but complete. The collection includes a clarifying shampoo and scalp scrub, hydrating shampoo, moisturizing deep conditioner, reconstructing treatment mask, fermented rice and rose protein ritual, moisture-sealing lotion, nourishing hair oil, and a “shaking vessel.”

In Béyonce’s interview with Essence, the “Texas Hold ‘Em” superstar revealed the secret to her flowing tresses is the technology in Cécred. “What saves my hair is the technology in the formula we created for our Cécred products,” she said. “It’s a fermentation made from honey and keratin that helps to stop my hair from breaking and brings the shine back. The technology in the products is effective enough that I don’t need to over- manipulate my hair while I shampoo.” The process of rocking protective styles and taking care of her hair between, is like a ritual to the Cécred founder. “I like to look at these routines more like rituals, because the care and love you give your hair is a special, intimate process that we tend to overlook.”

Cécred Products

Béyonce’s focus on hair care as a ritual comes through in the artistic packaging and steps, like using the ritual shaker to mix the fermented rice and water. It really feels like a hair-bonding moment rooted in self-care. I didn’t want to skimp on the ritual so I began with the clarifying shampoo that left my hair clean but not stripped. The light mint scent and gentle exfoliants felt pleasant on my scalp. One of my favorite Cécred products out of the entire collection is the hydrating shampoo. I have never felt a shampoo leave my hair feeling so moisturized and nourished with the most intoxicating but light salon-line scent. The lather of the shampoo was rich and I could feel the moisture it left on my tresses. According to the site, the hydrating shampoo is “infused with our antioxidant-rich African oil blend, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and moisturizing Phyto-Collagen Complex, it helps to promote visible hair health.”

I love deep conditioners and masks because my hair suffers from dryness, which usually comes from wearing it braided under my wig or weave. It breaks off easily and doesn’t have good length retention. I eagerly tried both the deep conditioner and the treatment mask. The texture of the deep conditioning mask was super thick while the reconstructing treatment mask had more of a slimy consistency, just the way I like it. I anxiously moved on to the fermented rice and rose protein ritual.

Beyoncé Cécred products foundation Haircare collection

Source: Cécred / Courtesy of Brand

I filled the 24 oz shaker to the top with warm water and poured in the powder and I really felt like I was getting my Béyonce on. Women swear by rice water and this allows you to get all the benefits without the annoying fermenting process and foul smell. I poured the concoction on my hair and let it sit for the recommended 5 minutes. I followed that stage with the silk rinse packet and my hair felt like it had been revived. The silk rinse packet left my curls so beautiful and shiny. And I hadn’t even gotten to the lotion and oil yet.

At first, I thought the oil was too light then as my friend pointed out – that’s a good thing. It didn’t weigh my hair down and felt luxurious as I rubbed it on my scalp. I finished the process with the hydrating lotion, which turned out to be another one of my favorite products from the line. It felt like the old school days when my mother would Pink lotion on my hair. It was the sealing touch on the entire experience. And the nod to her mother Tina Knowles’ Houston salon, came full circle.

I can truly say I enjoyed the entire collection. The shampoo, fermented rice, silk rinse, and lotion are my must-have products. I can’t wait until the next wash day. Béyonce, you did your big one with this collection.


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