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Healthcare is a very important subject when it comes to communities of color as we tend to deal with numerous physical and mental issues and while we tend to overlook the topic until we literally need it, a few of our Hip-Hop heroes have joined together to call for proper and affordable healthcare access.

Though Barack Obama tried to address the issue with the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (which Republicans have tried desperately to dismantle over the past 10+ years at the behest of their billion dollar donors), good and affordable healthcare is still out of reach for many people in our communities who struggle to make ends meet. Now Hip-Hop legends such as Chuck D, Fat Joe, Method Man and Busta Rhymes amongst a few others have joined together to create a PSA that calls for more transparency within the healthcare system which seems biased towards patients of color.

Joining forces with Power To The Patients, the Hip-Hop stars and icons are calling out healthcare providers for basically discriminating against lower-income customers with contracts that have hidden costs, fees, and stipulations. These roadblocks often leave their customers confused, broke and scared to even attempt to get health insurance. With Chuck D calling the issue a “humanitarian crisis,” Fat Joe, Method Man and Rick Ross address the fact that healthcare providers and hospitals “rig it” so that they can continue to make money hand over fist while their patients are left with bills that would sometimes take a lifetime to pay off.

The issue was so important to Fat Joe that he even took to Capitol Hill in April to advocate for Health Care prices to be more just and transparent. This was well before he started handing out his “Terror Squad” Air Force 1’s to everyone and they moms too, so y’all know he was strictly business that day.

“Our healthcare system needs comprehensive reform and I remain committed to using my platform to work alongside Power to the Patients and give a voice to the voiceless,” Fat Joe exclusively shared with The Hill in a statement. “We must demand accountability from hospitals and insurers, so people can get a transparent understanding of the cost of their medical bills and make more informed financial decisions on healthcare services.”

Check out the Hip-Hop PSA for Healthcare transparency below and let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.


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