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Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart might strike some as the ultimate odd couple but the frequent collaborators and real-life pals are set to bring a little holiday cheer to the masses. Partnering once more with BIC Ez Reach, the two are the face of a new Advent Calendar put together by the minds of BIC to help folks light up and get lifted, whatever you need that to mean for yourselves.

Before we get into BIC’s holiday sweepstakes giveaway, Snoop Dogg was gracious enough with his time to chop it up with Hip-Hop Wired for an exclusive chat covering the collaboration with BIC EZ Reach, how Uncle Snoop uses his lighter, music, and more.

HHW: The BIC EZ Reach Lighter partnership was established back in 2021 with great success. Now that you’re continuing this ongoing collaboration, how does it feel to raise the brand’s attention for this upcoming holiday season?

Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart x BIC EZ Reach Lighter

Source: BIC EZ Reach / BIC

SD: Let’s just say, the holidays are gonna be lit this year! Look, the holiday season really is all about giving, so together Martha and I teamed up with BIC EZ Reach Lighters to give fans a chance to win a special edition advent calendar. This isn’t just any advent calendar. This calendar includes EZ Reach lighters designed by Martha and yours truly, scented candles, special recipes (you know for when that hunger hits), and tips for making every celebration lit. C’mon, who wouldn’t want one of these? Head to between October 24 and November 4 to enter for a chance to win.

Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart x BIC EZ Reach Lighter

Source: BIC EZ Reach / BIC

HHW: The name Snoop Dogg is deeply associated with “lighting up” but in what other ways are you using your BIC EZ Reach Lighter?

SD: This season, I’ll be using my Snoop EZ Reach lighters to light candles and set the mood for when family and friends visit my crib. What makes the BIC EZ Reach Lighters so great is it has an extended wand to help keep my fingers away from the flame. It’s as legit as they come. Get your hands on my Snoop Dogg-designed EZ Reach lighters, which feature pictures of me and my albums, at

HHW: Last year was the “Pass It” campaign with your good friend and frequent collaborator, Martha Stewart. How has that friendship evolved over the years, especially beyond all of your many shared business pursuits?

SD: It’s been amazing to see our businesses grow together, but also to see her happy with what she does. We love to support each other in whatever it is we are up to, and that is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s a new restaurant opening or a personal accomplishment, we always send each other our best wishes.

HHW: You released your 19th studio album BODR earlier this year. How is it releasing your music on the label that launched your career in Death Row, which you now also own?

SD: I have control of what I want to do now, and when I want to do it. Over the years, I’ve seen the best methods of doing this thing, and now I can put everything I’ve learned into my own business, not someone else’s. I’m the CEO.

HHW: With the release of Missionary this coming November, how was it locking in again with your mentor and friend, Dr. Dre for the album?

SD: You got to wait and see.

HHW: We’re just realizing the significance of the album coming out in November of this year, which is also the 30th-anniversary release of your debut album, Doggystyle. How does it feel to still have a prominent and appreciated voice in music after three decades?

SD: I’m humbled, to be honest. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point and we won’t stop now.

HHW: In closing, how has it been working with BIC over the past year? Is there anyone you’d like to give a salute to on that side?

SD: Anytime I get to work with Martha it’s a good time and working on the BIC EZ Reach Lighter campaign is no exception. Look, we are two people who know the importance of a reliable lighter, and while it may be for different reasons, it’s been fun getting to design our own EZ Reach lighters to use for those occasions like lighting candles and so much more.

Many thanks again to Snoop Dogg and the BIC EZ Reach team for putting that together for us!

Ending today (Nov. 4), the BIC EZ Reach Advent Calendar Snoop mentions at the top of our chat is part of sweepstakes that will see 200 fans getting one in their possession free of charge. Paired with scented candles with fragrances made for the holiday season along with recipes and tips on life from Snoop and Stewart, be sure to sign up for your chance to win by following this link.

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