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It all goes down in the DMs. And one high schooler found out the hard way that trying to make friends with a pro football player by using the N-word doesn’t go down well.

A high school student who goes by the Instagram handle @DHawkins70 found out the hard way after he hit New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara up via direct message on his official Instagram account. He said “Good game n-gga,” after Kamara’s 103-yard outing against Seattle on Sunday, which helped the Who Dat nation to a 39-32 win over the Seahawks.

Turns out Kamara does read his DMs and responds to them… at least he did in this case. He posted DHawkins’ message and his responses on his Instagram Stories.

“If I snapshot this and send it to your head coach at Hokes (High School in Alabama) what happens?” Kamara asked with a laughing emoji.

“My bad,” the student replied. “I didn’t think you actually received these. I am a huge fan. I have had you every year in fantasy.”

Kamara, the 27-year-old running back who is Liberian-American and was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, countered with “I don’t care. Do you use that word at school?”

Hawkins said no but then went on to say that he’d selected Kamara for his fantasy team roster, maybe hoping to defuse the situation.

But Kamara refused to delete the exchange when Hawkins said he’d ‘learned his lesson that actions have consequences” and said he’d been harassed after some of Kamara’s over 1 million followers saw it on Instagram and then screen-shotted the exchange.

While DHawkins70 has apparently taken down his Instagram, the damage was done as Kamara had already tagged the Hokes Bluff High School account as well as its student government association.

Cassiuslife reached out to Kamara’s team to confirm the DM’s, but they haven’t responded yet. And other than on Instagram, Kamara has yet to publicly comment. And if you understand his history you may understand why Kamara wouldn’t let the insult pass. In 2020, he detailed his encounters with racism on Twitter, including having a bank teller call the police on him for trying to withdraw $200 from his own bank account.

But some social media observers blamed the athlete for exposing the kid online.

Others say Kamara was entirely justified in exposing the student.

Kamara made a welcomed comeback in his last game, despite injuries that have slowed him down this year and in previous seasons. The Saints have struggled to a 2-3 record after losing both their longtime coach Sean Payton and their starting quarterback, Jameis Winston, who hasn’t played since week 2 due to a back injury after returning to the 2022 lineup from last year’s torn ACL.

That still puts the Saints in second place in the NFC South, just behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kamara also made news today when he collected on a bet with teammate Tyrann Mathieu. The former LSU star saw his college team lose to Kamara’s Tennessee squad over the weekend. Apparently, no monies were exchanged, but Mathieu had to wear University of Tennessee gear to work. And Kamara captured it on video, saying ‘That boy look good,’ while a seemingly embarrassed Mathieu was shown covering his face with his hands.


All in good fun, fellas. All in good fun.

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