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Fans of The Real Housewife of Atlanta have been waiting on Shereé Whitfield to finally launch her highly anticipated She By Shereé line for 14 years and were disappointed when the line finally dropped to say the lease.

After over a decade of waiting, fans called out that some of Shereé’s athleisure wear looked almost exactly the same as clothes sold on other fast fashion websites for a lower price, calling many fashion lovers to question the validity of the line.

Now, the RHOA star is responding to the backlash and was a recent guest on Yahoo’s “In The Know” where she explained the situation to listeners. According to the housewife, her prices are fair because, for $142, she signs the t-shirts personally. She also explained that the shirts have two different prices and the unsigned shirts are cheaper, with the unsigned shirts priced at $82.

“The prices are too high. OK, I know they talked about a t-shirt,” she explained. “So a– t-shirts, we’re offering two prices. And it’s a scroll down, it’s a drop-down. I guess a lot of people– somebody texted me last night, hey, we’re clicking on this t-shirt and it says one price. And then it’s giving us another price. It’s a dropdown where I am physically hand-signing every t-shirt. When they say they want Sheree’s signature, they’re getting my signature. They’re not getting a print.”

She continued, “They’re not getting something the screen printed, that’s already on the t-shirt. They’re giving me, actually, taking my time, my energy, to sign the t-shirt, or t-shirt or sweatshirt, or whatever it is. And that’s not free. That’s an add-on, honey. If you want the t-shirt without that– without that, then you can get it. And that’s one price. But for me to actually sit and I put my love and, you know, sign my name, that’s time. Time is money.”

She also doubled down on her stance on “In The Know,” telling viewers, “You know what, I guess we’re all– I’ve gotten a good production management and they’re– you know, they came up with the idea to maybe incorporate some other pieces that– you know, a few other pieces with my custom pieces that we’ll offer different price points for different people. I’m not designing everything. I don’t design hats. I don’t design, you know, things like that.”

Beauties, what do you think about Shereé’s response to the backlash?


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