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Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan’s breakup new broke the Internet this weekend, and fans can’t stop speculating what went wrong between the two former lovebirds. But it Lori’s mother Marjorie and stepfather Steve Harvey who seem to be fueling the rumor flames the most.

Obviously, we expect Lori’s parents to be #TeamLori, but the fashionable married couple seem to be shading Michael B. Jordan in a few social media posts.

When asked about the breakup on The Steve Harvey Morning Talk Show on Monday, Harvey responded, “I’m Team Lori, one thousand percent.” He added, “She’s my daughter. I love her. I support her.”

“It’s hard to be young and in the limelight and have a successful relationship,” he continued.

But things got a bit messy when he commented on the split again, saying he should learn from his children and, “get out early.”

And that’s where things got murky because fans questioned if he was now throwing subs at his marriage. In a separate tweet, Harvey tweeted an image of the quote, “Love yourself my g” with a strong arm emoji. And another that read, “Sometimes we need to thank God for what didn’t happen.”

Then Marjorie Harvey stepped into the chat, posting her own shady Instastory of Jennifer Lewis. “You sit in sh*t too long, it stops smelling. So come the f*ck outta there,” again leaving fans to question if she’s talking about her daughter’s relationship or her own.

Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan have yet to respond to the chatter. According to a PEOPLE source, “Michael and Lori are both completely heartbroken,” the source says. “They still love each other.”

They added,

“Michael matured a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to commit for the long term. He let down his guard with her, opening up emotionally in a romantic relationship for the first time,” adds the source. “They had great times together and brought out the best in each other.”

Both have been spotted out individually on separate occasions. MBJ was spotted courtside at the NBA Finals with friend and artist Cordae.

The clip sparked its own trending topic. Meanwhile, Lori was spotted out with her friend Ryan Destiny. She also scrubbed her Instagram of MBJ’s presence. But fans have a glimmer of hope as MBJ has yet to remove photos of Lori from his IG page. The drama doesn’t seem to be ending with this one anytime soon. So stay tuned.


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