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We all have our individual pandemic survival stories, particularly during that stretch between 2020 and 2021 when virtually everyone across the globe was a prisoner of their own homes in order to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Media maven Oprah Winfrey was one who took no shorts when it came to quarantining, so much so that she recently admitted to spending close to a complete year indoors in order to guarantee that her multibillion-dollar empire would still have a safe and sound queen at the throne. 


It was during a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times that Oprah made the rather surprising revelation of her extreme stay-at-home pandemic plan. “I didn’t leave home for 322 days — literally did not leave the house,” she told the outlet while promoting her newly-released Smithsonian documentary, The Color Of Care, going on to add, “What has surprised me the most is how well I was able to adjust to the isolation and not being around other people.”

As expected, Oprah’s decades-spanning friendship with Gayle King wasn’t at all affected by her caveman proclivities. Take a look below at how she broke it down to her bestie about feeling a sense of relief in terms of being away from the public for close to a year, via L.A. Times:

“I remember one point [Gayle King] said, “Don’t you just miss being around other people?” I go, “Eh, not really.” And I think it’s because every day, I was in an audience of 350 people twice a day, so I’ve had shaking hands and autographs and selfies, and lots of attention, and exposure to being around a lot of people,” Winfrey continued. “I was able to be with myself in a way that I haven’t been able to for years, because usually, even if I take time off for myself, I’m thinking about what is the next thing to come.” 

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Later in the interview, she explains that it wasn’t until the end of last year that she finally was ready to emerge out of hibernation, stating, “It was only the latter part of 2021 that it started to wear on me like, ‘OK, had enough of this.’ But I still was feeling for all the people who were losing people and also people who couldn’t get appointments that they needed for just regular illnesses or checkups, because the hospitals are filled.”

You can hear Oprah speak on the topic at greater length by watching The Color Of Care documentary in its entirety below:


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