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Julia Fox, the woman who dated Kanye West for like three weeks and, I guess, is an actress or something, appears to be wishing she never opened her mouth to speak on the hot-but-persistent mess that is Ye’s saga with his ex, Kim Kardashian, and her new boo Pete Davidson.

Last week, we reported that Fox basically stepped inside her own mouth during a talk with TMZ in which she defended Yeezus and his “Easy” video and basically said that Ye is harmless and his Fatal Attraction-like behavior is all artistic expression. Well, now TMZ has caught up with the—she’s like a model or something, right?—the model is walking those comments all the way back as she admits she really hasn’t been paying attention to the Kanye-verse and didn’t know what she was talking about.

According to TMZ, Fox posted then deleted an Instagram post that read, “I would like to point out that I had not seen the latest Instagram posts at the time of this video. Believe it or not I have a life and a son, and I don’t have google alerts for this man! I thought this question was in reference to the music video.”

Who knows why Fox is being so wishy-washy. I mean, if you’re going to backtrack on previous loud and uninformed comments by posting that “sh**, I ain’t know” explanation, why delete it? It’s understandable that Fox may have spoken out of turn when asked about Kanye-and-Kim-gate and didn’t realize his arguably abusive and borderline stalker behavior towards Kim and Pete went far beyond a simple video. (I mean, she must have been living under a rock that also lives under a rock, but OK.) But why does she seem to be so damn anxious about everything she says or posts?

Well, when TMZ caught up with her again, she kinda, sorta, but not really answered that quesitom.

“Yeah I could just not answer questions but then it would be ‘Julia is mad she salty’ etc and I’m not!” she said.” It’s a real catch 22 so please stop F’n asking me!”

“I wish I had the answers, but I do not,” she continued. “I would like to remain an Indie Queen. The mainstream life isn’t for me.”

OK, Indie Queen of celebrities I couldn’t pick out of a lineup, nobody would have said you were “mad” or “salty” if you just didn’t answer questions about something that wasn’t yours to speak on anyway. There’s no catch 22 here—you could have stayed silent and like nine people might have noticed. 

Anyway, she’s right to choose not to engage in the saga any further. In fact, it would be wonderful if more of us would stop giving Ye all the attention he constantly craves.

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